Save Money by Breaking the Coffee Addiction

Stop buying your coffee! It’s slurping away your bank account!

Don’t believe me? Then let’s look at the math. I’ll price out an average large $5 coffee and a small $3 coffee. I’ll even be nice by only using the 5 work days.

$5 per work day is $25 a week. Not bad. There are 52 weeks in a year so that brings us to $1,300 per year! That would’ve put a dent in your student loans.

Now let’s try the small coffee…

$3 per work day is only $15 a week. Better. With 52 weeks in a years this gives us $780 per year. It might not seem as dramatic but lets see how you could have saved during your 4 years of college…

$780 x 4 years = $3,120 spent on a small $3 coffee.

$3,120! I don’t know about you, but I sure could have used that money coming out of college. Instead of spending that $3 or $5, if you saved it during your college career you would save $3,120 – $5,200! That could have set you up in a nice apartment in the middle of the city!

I understand the need for coffee. Days can be long and weeks can be even longer. Try brewing your own coffee. Or look for alternative answers like going to sleep earlier, eating healthier and exercising. There could be a simple adjustment to your daily lifestyle that could give you more energy and a cheaper energy.

Do you have any coffee alternatives for energy?

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5 thoughts on “Save Money by Breaking the Coffee Addiction

  1. Thankfully, I brew my coffee at home. I figure it costs me about $0.50 per pot. I buy store brand coffee every time, too.

    But, if I went out to Starbucks and spent $2 on a tall coffee each day; phew, my savings would be in trouble.

    Thanks for the thoughtful post!

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