UR LIFE: 4 Ways To Create Your Own Happiness

The Following is a guest post I wrote for The Urban Realist.


UR LIFE: 4 Ways To Create Your Own Happiness

Emerging adults can be bogged down by the daily routine. It can be easy to lose a sense of happiness. There are things in life no one can control, but there are also areas that you can control. These areas you do control can even trump those that you don’t. In order to be and stay happy, here are four areas you can control to overcome the negative obstacles that come your way.

1. Sleep- Drowsiness can easily put you in a funk. Using additives like coffee and 5 hour energy to perk up with caffeine can’t give you the same “ready-to-go-ness” as actual sleep can. Try going to sleep earlier. Your mother was right, nothing good happens after midnight, so take advantage of that time to sleep! On the other hand, too much sleep can be detrimental as well. Mornings provide a time of being productive before you slam into that 3 o’clock wall. (Hint: Going to bed early should help soften that 3 o’clock wall.) Sleeping in can cause you to rush, leading to a more stressful morning and upsetting the rest of your day’s schedule. A simple solution can be waking up just 5 minutes early to make sure you start your day on time.

Read the full article here at The Urban Realist.


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