YPAF Sneak Peek – Rebecca Fraser-Thill

YPAF is a collection of voices from different ages, places and industries to share advice on starting a career and conquering your twenties. This week Leigh from SimpLeigh Organized shared ten pieces of advice she would give her own son. On Monday, August 16th we will hear from Rebecca Fraser-Thill  from Working SelfHere is a sneak peek…


Our Happiest Moments Appear In the Bull’s Eye of Our Worst Times

            My life between 22 and 25 was downright miserable. I was in a doctoral program I’d entered solely to avoid getting a job; my new husband couldn’t land the teaching job for which he’d long trained and instead spent eternal days scrubbing rental cars in a suit and tie; and our financially-deprived notion of “eating out” was the local SUBWAY followed by a stop at the gas station for ice pops.

After three years of agony, I finally decided to ditch the PhD program that had been the wrong move from the start and move to my dream state of Maine. Once we left Ithaca, though, I couldn’t stop thinking about all of the great times we had. And I still can’t:  We were newlyweds, reveling in the splendor of our wedding photos and taking weekend trips (albeit to friends’ couches) at the drop of a hat. We were the proud parents of our first dog/pseudo-baby, snapping pics of him at every opportunity and taking him on long walks through a new park every weekend. And I was a graduate student who, despite hating every pressure-filled minute of seminars and homework, met people whose views of the world changed my own and who helped me discover confidence in my own voice in a way I couldn’t have otherwise.

For the full article and great advice from Rebecca Fraser-Thill, tune in Monday morning at 9am for the full post. 


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