How to Dress

The best way to go by is to dress a little bit better than the best dressed person in the office. If you can’t get the inside scoop before you actually see the office, then I would suggest taking what type of company and position you are applying for. If you’re going into business or law, most likely the dress code requites suits. That’s easy. For other interviews I would strongly suggest taking the time to find the right balance of a professional dress code. Normally for the ladies I would recommend a dress and a shirt and tie for the men. See the recommended posts and articles at the bottom of the page for more detailed information.


Before you go to the interview you need to make sure you are prepared. Do your research. Review their mission and vision statements at minimum. You want to do this research not only so you can make references during the interview, but also to make sure it is a company is the right fit for you.

Talk About You

This is not the time to be shy or humble. This is your time to shine. You are supposed to talk about your major accomplishments. Take the time to think about what possible questions the interviewer might ask you. Have some stories prepared you want to share about past work experience. I would highly suggest jotting down some responses and then practice interviewing. Ask a friend, parent, mentor, anyone you trust (that does not work at the job you’re leaving) to sit down to ask you questions. This will help you understand how to naturally incorporate your key points into a conversation.

Ask Questions

Most interviewers will end with, “Do you have any questions?” Do not respond to this with a no. It is important you ask questions, it shows you are interested in the job and the company. This is not a time to ask what pay rates and benefits are. Those questions can come up when you are reviewing your contract. This is a great opportunity to ask about projects, different departments of the company, or clarify job descriptions. Asking questions also gives you a chance to show that you have done your research by saying things like, “I noticed on your website you talk about the new project coming up in a few months, would I be involved with this project?” It doesn’t have to be that specific, but you get the idea.

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