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Katie RobinsonMy name is Katie Robinson. I am a graduate from Fitchburg State University. I started my adventure into the “real world” moving from Bean Town to the Big Apple… that is I moved from Massachusetts to New York City! I am a Communications Major with a Concentration in Film and Video. I also have a minor in Business and in Art.

That’s all very formal… I don’t want to just list of credentials and achievements. This is the “About Me” section, what you do does not make you who you are, but how you do them and your interests make up your personality.

I’m the oldest of four (three girls, one boy). Yes, my family was crazy enough to have more than two kids. People always have this reaction thinking I come from a big family, but to me I think we’re an average size because I grew up with families of 6 – 10 children. As you might have guessed growing up like this made me a very social person and naturally I got into sports. With all those kids around you can basically have a 6 on 6 game of soccer anytime you want!

I grew up playing soccer and basketball. Later in middle school I was introduced to Lacrosse. I also started to get involved in the drama programs at my school. I quickly found out that I was not meant for the stage for more than being an extra… BUT I still found enjoyment being involved so I became a part of the stage crew.

You might be wondering why I’m talking about my childhood… I’m an adult now. I’m a young professional. I should be talking about my adult worldly adventures. Well, believe it or not this path I was on lead me right to my future. Being an athlete let me enjoy working in a team environment. I tried golf, tennis and swimming, but even though my parents basically gave me the genetics to succeed in these sports, I did not enjoy them. I couldn’t get myself to enjoy one man sports. I needed a team atmosphere.

Being a part of the stage crew gave me my first insight to the world of entertainment. It sounds sickening but I really loved the high stress levels and backstage chaos. The pressure kept me moving and wanting to work hard. The chaos gave me a chance to practice my patience and find quick solutions. At the end of all the ups and downs you were rewarded by the audience’s reaction. There was something gratifying in seeing that first hand.

Junior year it basically just hit me… I should go into film and video. I had always been the girl people went to for their “techie” problems (looking back now they really weren’t big problems but they still gave me hope). I could not picture myself sitting behind a desk all day. I needed to be active. I thought film and video was the perfect combination for all that.

Look where that simple idea lead me… I went to Fitchburg State University where I got hands on experience since day one. I was able to push myself to work towards a double concentration and a double minor. I was able to continue working as a lifeguard (I had been working at my local YMCA since I was 16) and stay involved in sports through intramural sports.

I was also exposed to event planning for the first time. Event planning is now my other passion along side of film making. I joined the Fitchburg Activities Board (FAB) where I had the opportunity to seize many leadership positions and training experiences. In my many experiences I had with FAB the one I am most grateful for is being Concert Head. My freshman year we started a committee for the Spring Major Concert. I was lucky to be chosen to be apart of this committee every year so that I was prepared my senior year to apply for the role as Concert Head. As the chosen leader of the committee I worked along side our Executive Board, Faculty and University Staff, and our Middle Agent. I got experience working with celebrity agents, contracts and a $100,000 budget. Putting on the concert brought me back to the basic emotions I got out of putting on a play throughout middle school and high school. These feelings were of course on a much bigger level. If I gave into the stress or if I caved under the pressure of deadlines and budgets there were very real consequences that would effect more than just me.

Through my hands on experience in creating my own films through out school and the real life experience in being Concert Head I was given a lot of traits and skills I am very proud of. I was able to move on to an internship with Sesame Workshop for my final semester. Now I am a Production Assistant for Sesame Workshop living in NYC in my first apartment. I truly believe that if you are passionate life will bring you in the right direction. I’m an example of that. Life gives you opportunities to mold you into what type of person you will be, it is your choice what to do with it.

Please take the time to view my professional journal blog, youneediticandoit.wordpress.com  and my featured profile in 20somethings in 2013.
If you would like to contact me directly, e-mail me at asktheyoungprofessional (at) gmail (dot) com!

14 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Sounds like you are headed in the right direction! I hope to move to NYC soon (within the next couple of years)! Maybe I’ll pick up some tips from your blog! 🙂

  2. Hey – I really like your blog!! Very excited to be following and looking forward to reading more 🙂

    <3, Charlotte

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