Social Media and Apps

Social Media

LinkedIn – A great place to set up an account and basically have an online resume. You can follow companies and search for jobs as well. I even put mine on my business card!

Twitter – Follow companies, job search engines, newspapers and more.

Facebook – If you’re going to follow companies on Facebook you better make sure you don’t have anything you wouldn’t want them seeing on your profile. Job postings are made here sometimes and you can keep up with the news on different companies.

More coming soon.


Boomerang – A great way to schedule when e-mails are sent and received.

Card Munch – A LinkedIn application that ingests business cards you get so you can directly connect online and keep your business cards organized.

Dropbox – A cloud-based memory space to hold all your files and sync across all your platforms. The free version gives you up to 2GB, but there are payment options for bigger space.

Evernote – Commonly described as the perfect electronic junk draw. Organize any thought, article and anything you want to come back to later. It will be safely stored for when you return here in Evernote.

GoToMeeting – Organize online conferences.

HootSuite Mobile – A great application that organizes all your social medias. You can publish to more than one social network, schedule posts and track keywords. – A free personal finance application for iPhone and Android that links with your bank accounts and lets you check your finances anytime anywhere.

More coming soon.

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What social media and mobile applications do you find helpful?


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