When it comes to creating your own budget the key is to know your limits. Be honest with yourself when reviewing your income and expenses. If you want to estimate round down to be more realistic.

Set achievable goals and deadlines. Goals should be realistic. Set deadlines based off of a personalized action plan. You can’t get anywhere without setting concrete steps towards your goals.

Be honest, do you think these plans and goals are realistic for you?

Know where your money is going. Review your bank statements. Know your bank fees.

Check your math. Review your progress regularly. Make the necessary updates and do not be afraid to make adjustments. Making adjustments does not mean you failed, it means you’re being responsible.

Stay dedicated. The unexpected will happen and money will get tight but it will pay off. Set rewards for yourself along the way. When you reach the half-way point, buy yourself something from your wish list. When you finally reach your goal do something big! Maybe you have enough money set aside to go on a little day trip or something you’ve been thinking about for a long time.

Just remember be realistic and honest.

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