25 Fun Summer Activities

I had so much fun putting together the 25 Free Summer Activities that I wanted to do more! These are 25 fun summer activities where you are required to open your wallet, but don’t worry they’re totally worth it!

25 Fun Summer Activities

1. Picnic

Go to the grocery store or a farmers market to prepare your own picnic feast! Find the perfect spot and just lounge out with great food and friends.

2. Ice Cream Parlor or Ice Cream Truck

Buy an ice cream at an ice cream parlor or chase the ice cream truck down for your favorite frozen treat from when you were a kid.

3. Make Home Made Ice Cream

Try making your own ice cream!

4. Water Balloon Fight

Buy some balloons from the dollar store and have a water balloon fight on a hot day!

5. Have a Barbecue

Gather up some friends for a traditional American back yard barbecue!

6. Firecrackers

Buy a couple packs of firecrackers, you will not be disappointed.

7. Yoga/Fitness Class in the Park

Most times there are free classes but I still think its worth it to pay to enjoy a class outside.

8. Beach Day

If you don’t go to the beach at least once this summer… I will be incredibly surprised and will feel very sorry for you.

9. Sand Castle Contest

Enter a sand castle contest! If you can’t beat this one, making a mermaid or sea turtle are pretty simple and fun!

10. Local Flee Market or Farmer’s Market

Go to your local flea market or farmer’s market. Buy your whole dinner at the farmer’s market or get a new outfit at the flee market.

11. Rides and Games at the Local Carnival

Go on rides and play games when the carnival comes to town!

12. Kayak, Canoe, and Paddle Boat Rental

Go to a Boat Rental house that goes down a river, some even lead to a beach where you can paddle to then stay at the beach for a picnic!

13. Whale Watch

Go on a whale watch to see how many magical underwater creatures you can find!

14. Miniature Golf

Play a round of miniature golf with friends!

15. Golf

Got more time on your hands? Play a real round of golf, play 9 or a full 18 holes!

16. Go Sailing

Sailing can be such a relaxing get away and a way to change things up a bit from your typical set of activities.

17. Drive-In

Grab some chairs, a blanket, some snacks and fill a car with as many friends as possible. So many great movies come out over the summer, save some money by going to the drive in to see two movies and split the cost with friends!

18. Zoo

Who doesn’t love the Zoo? Get outside, see some amazing gorgeous creatures and learn something!

19. Amusement Park

The summer is the best time for an Amusement Park. Gather up some friends to get your scream and carnival food on!

20. Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is a great way to exercise and get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Or if you don’t want to go outside you can always try the air conditioned indoor rock climbing.

21. See a Baseball Game – Major or Minor League

Seeing a baseball game is pretty much an American right if passage for summer activities. It doesn’t matter if its a major league game or not, what matters is that you get yourself a nice hot dog and a foam finger to cheer on the team.

22. Water Skiing/Wake Boarding/Surfing

Water sports are probably one of the coolest activities of the summer. If you don’t know how to water ski, board or surf then sign up for a lesson. It’s always fun to try something new.

23. Camping

Get away from it all with some of your closest friends on a weekend camping trip. Relax and spend time together cooking up some grub and sharing scary stories.

24. Deep Sea Fishing

Take fishing to the next level by casting out deep in the blue sea. My brother caught a shark once!

25. Road Trip

It’s a better time now than ever to go in that road trip you’ve been saying you want to go on for months now. Take a road trip across the country or just to a different state for the weekend. It could be a fun adventure with friends that will definitely be filled with endless memories.

5 Bonuses for the Adventurous

1. Hot Air Balloon Ride

How many chances do you get to go up in a hot air balloon? Not many. Go for a ride and see the breathe taking views.

2. Scuba Diving

Take a chance to view the world from a different view. See if you can make an underwater friend.

3. Bungee Jumping

Take a chance. Get out of your comfort zone and try bungee jumping. See if there’s a place that let’s you bungee jump over a river or another amazing view.

4. White Water Rafting

What a fun way to travel down a river and get completely soaked! Take a couple of friends and meet some new people while you battle the waves of the river together.

5. Sky Diving

The ultimate summer adrenaline adventure. It can be a little expensive but it’s an experience like no other that’s worth saving up for.


6 thoughts on “25 Fun Summer Activities

    • That must have been an amazing experience! I’ve been whale watching but only in MA. And I haven’t been able to go white water rafting yet but it’s on my list!

      Glad you liked the post. Thanks for the support! 🙂

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