Sneak Peek on Next Week’s YPAF from Leigh

YPAF is a collection of voices from different ages, places and industries to share advice on starting a career and conquering your twenties. This week Cindy from Twenty-Something Condition shared her thoughts how life can throw you for a loop even if you thought you had it all planned out. On Monday, August 9th we will hear from Leigh from  SimpLeigh OrganizedHere is a sneak peak…


I have had the special and unique privilege of being asked by Katie at to offer up a guest post giving advice to those in their 20’s.Being that I am approaching my mid 40’s, I had to dig deep to think about life in my 20’s. The advice portion came a little easier due to the fact that I have an 18 year-old stepson. I just envisioned myself sitting down and giving him some life lessons.

So without further ado, here are 10 tips I would offer to my son and hopefully they will be helpful to a few of you “young’uns” out there also. 🙂

1) When thinking about your future goals, begin with the end in mind. Ask yourself “How do I see my life in my 40’s and 50’s?” Every decision you make should be pointing you towards that vision.2) Consider a volunteer or intern position in your desired field to determine if it is a right fit for you. If not, try something new. Love what you do!

For the full article and the next 9 tips from Leigh, tune in Monday morning at 9am for the full post. 


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