Job Search Check List


Do you have a one page typed resume? Is it personalized for the job to which you are applying? For more detailed information on how to create a proper resume please refer to my Resume Formatting Page.

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Cover Letter

A cover letter is a one page typed essay where you can highlight your best qualities and experience. This is a great opportunity to take something from your resume and expand on it. Expanding on a line from your resume allows you to emphasize your strongest points. Don’t worry about being humble, there’s a difference between boasting and confidence.

To see an example of my cover letter please go to my professional journal blog here.

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A portfolio is yet another way to further showcase your work. What you decide to put in your portfolio will depend on your field and job qualifications. Does the position you’re applying for require writing samples? Do you have design work you would like to share? Do you have a schedule or budget from a project you headed that you can display? There is a variety of samples you can include in a portfolio, just make sure it serves a purpose. A portfolio is not always required like a resume and cover letter, but it does make you stand out if you can use it.

To see works I included in my portfolio please take a look at my selected work page from my professional journal blog here.

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Additional Ideas for Applying

Create a Website

Creating a website allows for employers to come across you without you even applying. Sometimes recruiters and employers will do their own searches for new hires before posting a job opening with their company.

A website gives you unlimited options on how you want to showcase yourself. You are not limited to the bland structure of a resume. You can show your creativity and find ways to stand out. If you do not wish to have a portfolio, a website is a great alternative to showcasing your work.

Here are some websites my friends have made. Keep in mind most of these are Communication Majors with concentrations in photography, graphic design and film/video. It might not be an exact format for everyone, but I think it will help you get an idea.

*Please email me at if you would like to feature your professional website.

Create a Blog

Have some online presence. Create a professional blog where you can showcase writing skills, expertise on a subject or anything you would be proud of sharing with an employer. Get yourself out there by sharing your ideas and thoughts on your field of work.

Have a Business Card

Design your own business card or use a simple template from online. Not many young professionals have their own business card. Take the initiative and show that you take yourself seriously. It’s a quick and easy way to help with networking.

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Job Search Websites

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