Don’t Have a Pet Because They’re Too Expensive? – Foster!

Want a dog or a cat but can’t afford it? Foster!

I fostered a dog for the first time and absolutely loved it! Fostering is great because you get all the joys of having a pet, but none of the financial stresses.


This is the dog I fostered. Her name was also Katie. I also have a roommate named Katy so we called her Katie Dog. I got her through Sugar Mutts Rescue. All their rescue dogs are in foster homes which better prepares them for adoption. When Katie Dog came for her first night with us the leader of Sugar Mutts Rescue brought a crate, food, toys, bones, all the basic needs.

I had a friend whose neighbor fostered kittens! They basically always had baby kittens rotating through their house!

For me fostering was a perfect choice for 2 reasons:

1)    I am not financially able to afford a pet at this time in my life. Fostering gave me the ability to love and care for a dog, but I never paid a penny! I was also lucky enough that the head of the Rescue was very helpful walking Katie Dog when my roommates and I were all working and needed someone to take her out during the day.

2)    Sometimes my schedule just wouldn’t be fair to a pet. When I’m in production I can be working 12-14 hour days. There’s a chance that the pet would be alone for more than half the day! Fostering allows me to choose the times when I know I’m available to give the pet the attention he/she needs. (When we asked Sugar Mutts Rescue how long fostering usually lasts for they said 3 – 4 weeks.)

Every pet fostering group is different. Search around your area for more specific details. And if you do foster share pictures with me at!


4 thoughts on “Don’t Have a Pet Because They’re Too Expensive? – Foster!

  1. This is a great idea – I hadn’t thought of fostering dogs before but may well consider it once I have my own place. I’ve worked in a couple of offices where the staff sometimes bring their dogs to work and it’s really nice, makes the office more relaxed.

    • It was honestly one of the best decisions I have ever made. I will definitely do it again one day and when I finally get a dog of my own I will adopt.I would really encourage you to give it a shot.

  2. This is wonderfully awesome to foster a pet! I’ve never done it for one sole reason….I get SO attatched. Like I get emotional when my fish die! Fostering is such an unselfish thing to do though. Too many people want pets but have no time for them. The pets end up being alone ALL of the time which is really sad. Also, dogs at the SPCA would be a lot better off if fostered first. I’ve taken in shelter dogs before that were incredibly fearful and would literally cower down as if we were going to hurt them. It was really sad and a hard transition for them to realize we were good people. ❤ Animals deserve a chance too. Thanks for giving them one!

    • I thought I would get really attached too. And I did… but overall I know she’s so much better off and I got to visit her once! It was really amazing to see her transform and see how much she improved. She couldn’t even walk up/down stairs when we get her because she was so timid, but when she left us she was a high energy overly loving dog. She even loved to go to the dog park! It’s a very rewarding experience and it doesn’t cost anything. I would definitely recommend it to everyone.

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