Quick Tip #0025

Know names!

Imagine its your first day in the office. You get a tour around the office. On this tour you will probably be introduced to the physical layout of the office and many people. Lets face it, those tours are always way too quick, you’ll never be able to remember it all. So what do you think is the most important piece of information to remember (besides remembering where the bathroom is)?

NAMES! Try to remember as many names as possible. Its a lot more impressive to know someone’s name on the first day than to remember the copy code for the copy machine. Someone will always be able to remind you or help you with any questions you have. Especially if you’re a friendly person who asks for help by using their name!


Quick Tip #0024

Have a copy of your resume and cover letter as a PDF.

A lot of recruiters are like the rest of the world, they use their phones to do work. They are so many different formats your resume and cover letter can be looked at. It should be something you think about when you’re formatting your cover letter. Saving it as a PDF can save the formatting work you’ve done to make the layout just right and guide their eyes to the important parts.

Try it for yourself. Save it as a PDF then check it on different devises.

Don’t Forget About You

It’d been a long week in the office and you’re working over time on the late shift at your second job over the weekend. When are you going to take care of you?

We so easily get lost in the chaos of keeping up with life. We’ve got things to do and we need to do them quickly. The worry is here is that you get lost and you start to drown.

I have this motto that I try to live by…

Work hard and play as hard as you work.

I know, sounds a lot like Wiz Khalifa… Work hard, play hard. Wherever you get the verbiage doesn’t matter as long as you follow the message. You’re working really hard you need to give yourself a break. Here are some things I do to get through the week and keep myself at peace…

Bring snacks. – Snacks give me that little kick throughout the day to keep me from dosing off.

Take a break. – I go for a walk at lunch or switch to a task that doesn’t require me to use a computer. Doing one thing for too long drains me.

Set dates. – Not a date with a significant other necessarily but and event, something to look forward to. I find if I have something to look forward to later in the week or month its easier to have a daily positive attitude.

Basically food, movement and friends… that’s what it comes down to for me. What about you?