Young Professional Advice from Friends – V

This is a  Young Professional Advice from Friends post written by V from Borderline AdultsYPAF is a collection of voices from different ages, places and industries to share advice on starting off and being twenty. This week V has taken a new approach to YPAF by submitting a poem.
You would think it would be a Haiku
The way it flows is fragmented.
Never sure if you will ever understand the ending
The way it constantly changes.
Everyone’s compass is pointed in a different direction
When at one time they were all pointed north together.
But isn’t it fun to watch the dial spin
As you dance around the coordinates?
Never will there be a time more entertaining than this
I intend on looking back at the memories with a sigh.
But for now, I will search for my purpose
While I dance around the coordinates
V is a 20-something living in Kansas City. She’s a contributor to Borderline Adults where seven 20-somethings share their adventures and inner thoughts of young professionals just trying to figure it all out. For the past year, V has been preparing and anxiously waiting for her next journey as a Borderline Adult entering  graduate school.

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