10 Reasons You Should Be Like a Child

Every adult or emerging adult should emulate being a child. As we grow up there is a tendency to become more stiff and rigid. I believe this comes from the responsibilities and knowledge we take on over the years. The responsibilities make us worried so we naturally make them the center of our lives, quickly shutting out what matter to us when we were a child. Knowledge brings confidence and independence, but it also comes with pride and can some times make us set in our ways.

A child is free from all those restraints. A child can dream, play and learn without any worries because he/she has someone to rely on, dreams to aspire to and the innocence to not be corrupted. Everything a child does is focused outward, where the life of an adult can become increasingly inward every day.

I would like to challenge every adult and emerging adult to take on these 10 characteristics of being a child. I believe if we take this challenge, every day our lives will improve spiritually and emotionally. We will start to appreciate what we have more and worry less about material needs.

Here are the 10 characteristics I challenge every adult and emerging adult to emulate.

1.Β Appreciative

Children are thankful for what they have. They can sit and be satisfied with the littlest thing… sometimes they are even satisfied with nothing!

How would your life improve if you were satisfied with what you had and appreciated every moment, possession and person around you?

2. Curious

Children have this natural yearning to learn. They want to discover new things, figure out why something works, and to explore the unknown!

How would your life change at work, at home and with other people if you had a naturally curiosity to push further to understand more?

3. Enthusiastic

Children are ready to participate and ready to share. They participate with their full self, totally engulfing themselves into the activity. They shout, “Mommy, Mommy! Look what I did!” to share what seems like the littlest moment to us, but is a proud moment for them.

How would you feel about yourself if you put yourself fully into the moment? If you were proud of everything you did?

4. Happy

Children are genuinely happy. Their happiness is pure and natural. There are no additives for a child’s happiness – no medication, no material consumption and no social acceptance needed.

How would your attitude change if you had a genuine, pure happiness?

5. Innocent

Children have no cruel intentions. They do not want to cause harm. They have a lightheartedness about them.

How would you act if you had a more innocent soul?

6. Loving

Children’s love is pure, innocent and true. They naturally love those around them. They love their parents, siblings, relatives, teachers, coaches, counselors, and all those around them with admiration and respect.

How would you treat others if you loved each one of them with admiration and respect?

7. Passionate

Children fight endlessly for something they want. Crying or not, they have a drive to follow through to the end.

How would you live if you were driven by this endless passion?

8. Transparent

Children show how they are feeling. They’re honest with their emotions and they’re not ashamed of it. They allow others in, instead of fighting off their compassion.

How would you be different if you were more transparent?

9. Trusting

Children have a first instinct to trust others. They’ll believe what you tell them and won’t question you. They trust that you have their best interest in mind.

How would you work with others if you were more trusting, and trustworthy?

10. Wide-Eyed

Children see the world and what’s in it with a wide-eyed amazement. They view the world in wonder of its endless opportunities.

How would you think with this wide-eyed view?

Bonus: Imaginative

Children are never tired of playing pretend. They dream up out of the box games and elaborate stories. They are never satisfied with boredom when they have their creativity at their finger tips.

Can you imagine your life improved with the characteristics of a child?


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