Dating on a Budget

David Carlson, from Young Adult Money, and I have teamed up for a guest post swap! This week I wrote a guest post for Young Adult Money about Dating on a Budget. Next week, on Wednesday August 28th, I will feature a guest post from David on Ask the Young Professional! It was a great pleasure to work with David on this collaborative post swap. I hope readers from both sites enjoy a new perspective being features on the sites.


Do you have a special someone in your life who is draining your funds? Or are single because you are afraid you can’t afford a relationship? Here are a few tips to save your love triangle between you, the special someone and your money.

Deals for Date Nights

There’s this great new thing where you can ask it anything and it will answer all your questions!  …It’s called the internet… The internet, especially Google, should be your wing man when looking for a deal on your next date night. I guarantee that you can find at least one coupon to a restaurant or event.

Don’t know where to start? Start by signing up for Groupon and Living Social. You will find deals to restaurants, wine tastings, movies; you can even find a romantic weekend get away!

For more Dating on a Budget tips read the full article at Young Adult Money here. I share more tips on Deals for Date Nights, Romancing for Free and Penny Pincher Presents.


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