Very Inspiring Blogger Award

I’ve very happy to announce that Catching Zee has awarded me with the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Zee is a new follower to Ask the Young Professional so receiving this award means that much more to me. There is a catch with receiving this reward… I have to tell you 7 interesting things about myself and nominate 15 more bloggers. 15 more bloggers should be easy, but the 7 interesting things might give me some trouble. I’ve already shared so much when I received The Shine On Blogging AwardThe Liebester and Versatile Blogger Award, thank you again Muffins & MochaExperience Required, and 20somethings in 2013 for nominating me for these awards. So I apologize in advance if I make any repeats.

7 Facts About Me

1. I’m the oldest of four, the youngest is 14 years younger than me.

2. I road a jet ski in the Bahamas and knocked myself and the instructor off…

3. I love to cook. I try to cook all my own meals every day.

4. I was born with a missing muscle, the intercostal muscles on my right side.

5. I think I’ve only ever been in 8 states; MA, RI, CT, NH, ME, FL, TX, and CA.

6. I’m Catholic.

7. I went to an all girl high school with a graduating class of 25 girls.

I hope those facts were interesting enough for you! 🙂

Here are my 15 nominees (in no particular order). I strongly suggest you check out their blogs and follow them on Bloglovin’! I know I am 🙂

That Working Girl
The Flairist
Working Self 
So-Called Millennial
The Small Things Blog
Modest Money
Broke Millennial
Chaos and Words
Ms. Career Girl
Classy Career Girl
Ambition in the City

For more of my favorite blogs to check out you can go to Yo Pro Community.

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