Sneak Peek: Next Week’s YPAF from David Berezin

YPAF is a collection of voices from different ages, places and industries to share advice on starting off and being twenty. This week Jeff Vrabel from advised young professionals to try different jobs. On Monday, August 12th we will hear from David Berezin from 20Somethings in 2013Here is a sneak peek…


What’s hardest about my twenties:
Growing up, I had this notion that by the time I was in my twenties, I’d have my life figured out. I’d have a stable career, I’d be getting married…I’d be a grownup in every sense of the word.
Perhaps that’s because when I was a kid, my twenties seemed so far away, like this point that was always on the horizon. So when I finally arrived at my early twenties and didn’t have a stable career or even a steady girlfriend (let alone a wife), I felt like I had failed.
My whole life, I’ve been hardworking and diligent: I got straight A’s, went to an Ivy League school, and did extracurricular activities. But none of that seems to matter to employers, who are more focused on experience and qualifications. I’ve worked so hard for all these years, and at the stage of my life when it’s supposed to be paying off, I’m getting so little in return.

For the full article and great advice from David Berezin, tune in Monday morning at 9am for the full post. 


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