Sneak Peek: YPAF from Jeff Vrabel

YPAF is a collection of voices from different ages, places and industries to share advice on starting off and being twenty. This week Kayla from Gen Y Girl talked about being a twentysomething with too many options. On Monday, August 5th we will hear from Jeff Vrabel from jeffvrabel.comHere is a sneak peak…


Awful nice of Katie to ask me for a guest post on this blog, despite the obvious discrepancy that this a blog about young professionals and I’m a quote-fingers humor and features writer who hasn’t qualified as young in a good, good long while. (My son’s answer when asked how many gray hairs I have: “Thousands,” he replied thoughtfully. “Possibly more.”)

Moreover, most my twenties were spent in a field that doesn’t really exist anymore: what history textbooks will one day refer to as “newspapers.” Fresh out of school and toting both a journalism and English degree, because I decided at a very early age that I never wanted to make any money at anything ever, I fell into a series of copy editing and page-design jobs at fine papers for people I liked very much. It was fun, because newspaper tended (and still tend) to draw a particular brand of sarcastic, slightly off-kilter personality type that I like very much. They just don’t draw, how do you say, advertisers anymore, and that’s why I spent my twenties doing something that, it became clear in my early thirties, I needed to bail out of with extreme haste.

For the full article and great advice from Jeff Vrabel, tune in Monday morning at 9am for the full post. 


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