Sneak Peek of Next Week’s YPAF with Kayla Cruz

YPAF is a collection of voices from different ages, places and industries to share advice on starting off and being twenty. This week Ashley Sapp from Chaos and Words shared her thoughts on finding something your passionate about and making that part of your career. On Monday, July 29th we will hear from Kayla Cruz from Gen Y Girl. Here is a sneak peak…


On Being A Twenty-Something With Too Many Options

Ohhhh being in your twenties…

You think it’s going to be awesome. You think it’s going to be this magical time in your life where you’ve got everything figured out and you get to stay up late and bar hop all night long. And then, when you wake up, you get to dress up really nice and go to that job that you love and be all adult-ish.

Regrettably, that’s not how it is. That’s not how it works.

My apologies.

Because being in your twenties and starting a career, it’s really hard.

And it’s not always fabulous.

And I think perhaps that hardest part is the fact that we have so many options.

Now, options can be great. They really can be.

But your whole life, you’ve never really had a lot of decisions to make.

Your parents chose what school you went to.

Your school determined what classes you took.

Everything was pretty much set up for you. You just had to live your life.

But when we graduate college and we’re starting a career, we don’t even know where to begin.

For the full article and great advice from Kayla Cruz, tune in Monday morning at 9am for the full post. 

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