Tips On Traveling – From Packing To Getting There

It’s the summer time which means it’s vacation time! People are taking time off to travel all over the place, some furthers than others. I’ve come up with some tips that help me while traveling.

1. Pack Light

They say the best way to pack for a trip is to pack a bag, then take half of it out. Think about what you absolutely need and what you can do without. Girls, do you need to bring your straightener, curing iron and a hair dry? Or can you get away with letting your hair dry naturally or just a straightener? Guys, lets be honest, you can pack a lot less than us… Take advantage of it. Pack clothes you can wear again with a different outfit. Another great tactic for packing is rolling your clothes instead of folding them. I only roll my clothes now. I can probably fit two weeks of clothes in a carry on bag when I roll my clothes and rotate pieces of clothing for different outfits.

2. Road, Rail or Sky?

Whether you’re going on a quick trip only hours away or a long trip over seas you need to do your research. Price out the difference between driving, taking the train and flying. Based on travel time and cost decide on the best travel option for you. Driving yourself may be cheaper depending on gas. Don’t want to pay for gas or don’t have a car? Check your bus options. I’ve used World Wide Go Bus and Megabus. Trains can be faster and sometimes cheaper. Compare metro train cars to Amtrak. If you buy two weeks in advance you can get an Amtrak ticket for $43. (This is my personal favorite for traveling home, more comfortable and no traffic.) Flights you can get deals from work or insurance, and booking on certain days give you cheaper options. Do you want to sacrifice time to save money or money to save time?

3. Time Passers

While you’re on your way to your destination you’ll need something to pass the time. If you’re traveling with friends in a car you can do whatever you want! …well within reason. If you’re traveling with friends, or alone, on public transportation there will be a courtesy “quiet time”. There is a certain unspoken code of conduct when traveling via public transportation. Most likely the people sitting around you will be chummy with you but they wont want to overhear your conversations the entire trip. My first suggestion, bring a book. Books won’t run out of battery or lose the wireless signal. Then there’s music and movies. Create a playlist or update your music library on your music player of choice (which should come with headphones). Your battery will last longer if you don’t stream your music. Download a movie in advance or bring a DVD. Movies may drain a battery but they sure do make a long trip shorter. Most trains and buses will have power outlets. Plains… I don’t know if they’re on that level yet, but you could be lucky and get an in flight movie!

Wherever you go, be safe, be smart and most of all HAVE FUN! I’ll be here @AsktheYoPro waiting to hear about your trip and travels.


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