3 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Making a Purchase

How many times have you gone shopping and spent more than you wanted? Maybe you were going for one certain item, but then saw something else you wanted. Or maybe you just didn’t do enough research so you spent more than you needed to. Whatever your weakness is when purchasing something new, ask yourself these 3 questions before you check out.

1. Do you have a use for this purchase? Or do you already own an alternative to it?

Do you really need this purchase? Do you already have something at home you can use instead? If you did make this purchase would you really use it? 

So many times we buy something just because we like it, but then it never gets used. The best example; your closet. If you went through your closet today I bet you would find at least 1 shirt, 1 pair of shoes and 1 pair of pants/skirt/other bottom. Over time that money spent will add up. Don’t buy something unless you know not only what you’re going to use it for but how and how often.

2. Can you buy this purchase anywhere else for cheaper?

Have you done your research to compare prices? Is there another store that might have a better price? Is anywhere else having a sale? Have you checked online?  

There are so many resources at your finger tips to help you find any purchase you want for the cheapest amount. There are numerous coupon and special sale sites. You can easily compare a product at different stores. Best of all, there is most likely someone out there who wants to give you their slightly use or never opened item on Amazon or eBay! I almost want to guarantee online is always cheaper, but alas, I do not have that type of research or data to back that statement up. Nevertheless, you should stop and think before you set out to buy something.

3. Will tax make this item more than you want or budgeted to spend?

Does this item have tax?  Do you know what the tax laws are in your state? Will the tax add on make the purchase too expensive?

Tax is a tricky little devil. I don’t know how many times I thought I was being a good little girl buying something for less than $10, but was so cleverly tricked into paying more than $10 by the tax add on.  Taxes are different in every state and boy am I realizing that now. Just moving 3 hours south from MA to NY I can see the big difference in taxes. Be a savvy shopper, look up the tax laws in your town to be prepared.

Do you have any other good questions to ask yourself before making a purchase?


5 thoughts on “3 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Making a Purchase

    • That’s a good habit to have. I’m the type of person who will stand in the store weighing my options in my head in the middle of the aisle. Or I make sure I can return it even if I open it, just in case it doesn’t work out. Knowing the return policies have saved me so many times!

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