25 Free Summer Activities

The Summer is Officially here! Here are some ways to have fun while saving money!

25 Free Summer Activities

Rollerblade Twister III

1. Go Rollerblading

Bust out an old pair of rollerblades and show off your skills! …Or dust off that razor scooter that’s been hiding in the back of your parents garage.

2. Play Frisbee

Go to the park or dodge cars in the street while you play frisbee with some friends. (You don’t have to be as intense as this guy!)

3. Have a Watermelon Seed Spitting Contest

Have some watermelon in the fridge? Make the healthy snack fun with a watermelon seed spitting contest!

4. Collect Seashells

You can use the seashells to make a necklace, a table center piece or another DIY project.

5. Go to Parades

Look up when the local parades are and set up a spot with chairs. Then sit back, relax and enjoy the show!

6. See the Fireworks

The 4th of July is right around the corner! Make sure to go see the fireworks.

7. Go on a Hiking Trip

Go to your local Parks and Recreation site to find the best hiking trails, make a bag of trail mix and lace those hiking boots to get on your way!

8. Go Fishing

If you have your own fishing gear or know someone who does take a day or afternoon to relax at a local pond or lake. If you don’t have your own gear you could always fashion a rod together the old fashion way with a branch, string and hook.

9. Ride on Biking Trails

Pump up those tires and get yourself on a biking trail. You could pick a trail next to a river or winding through trees in the forest, whichever you choose you’ll get some exercise and maybe some friendly competition.

10. Go Kayaking or Canoeing

If you have your own kayak or canoe, great! Sometimes if you do your research you can find a local kayak or canoe renting house has free rental days.

11. Walk the Boardwalk

Take a friend, special someone or go by yourself for a stroll down the boardwalk.

12. Walk Around the Harbor

It’s always fun to take a walk around the harbor to view the boats. Check your local listings to see if any special boats are visiting your area.

13. Stargaze

Lay out a blanket in a quiet place (where the city smog doesn’t cover the sky) to gaze up at the stars. Look for shooting starts or find out if there will be a special appearance of a meteor shower or planet!



14. Watch the Sunrise/Sunset

Stay up all night to watch the sunrise with someone of snuggle up to watch the sunset.

15. Visit a Local Flee Market

Note: to keep it free you can’t buy anything… but you can check out the local vendors, try free food samples and sometimes there’s musical entertainment!

16. Play a Pick Up Sport

Lots of places have pick up games. Go to meetup.com or research where and when there is a local pick up game of your favorite sport.

17. Enjoy an Outdoor Concert

Go old-school and check the newspaper to find out when the free concert in the park or common are happening. Plan to bring chairs or a blanket and maybe even some food for a relaxing night with some local flavor.


18. Have a Bonfire

Find out the laws for fires in your town. You could have a backyard bonfire with a fire pit or one on the beach. Who doesn’t love a fire surrounded by friends covered in s’mores?

19. Have a Back Yard Drive-In

Instead of paying to go to a drive-in have on in your back yard! Keep it simple with a laptop and a blanket or get fancy with a projector and a sheet.

20. Go Camping in Your Back Yard

Set up some tents in your back yard and invite some friends over for some good old fashion camp fun.

21. Join a Yoga/Fitness Class in the Park

Most yoga and fitness classes in the park are free, go by yourself or with a friend!

22. Have a Neighborhood Night Time Man Hunt

Man hunt can be one of the most intense games. Find some neighbors who wouldn’t mind you running around their yard at night and the competition is on!

23. Have a Town/City-Wide Scavenger Hunt

Create a list of things to find and crazy silly things to do around your town/city. Split up into teams and see who can get the most done by dinner time. (Seriously one of my favorite past times.)

24. Have a “Back Yard BBQ Games” Tournmament

Gather all “Back Yard BBQ Games” you and your friends have to compete in a tournament. Use games like boccie ball, ladder ball, horse shoes, volleyball, and badminton, you could even have a wheelbarrow race!

25. Find a Waterfall

Waterfalls are magical, why not find one near you to cool off in or simply stare at its beauty.


5 Bonus Activities To Get You In Touch With Your Inner Child

1. Climb a Tree

Remember when you were a kid and basically a monkey? Get back into nature and climb a tree! Get some exercise or relax on a tree branch with a book.

2. Draw with Side Walk Chalk

How cute and simple is that? You can be simple with your drawings, make some hopscotch or leave inspiring messages.

3. Run Through a Sprinkler

It’s hot out! Why not take out that crazy daisy sprinkler fun a fun cool down?

4. Catch Fireflies

Fireflies are another magical part of this world. Try to capture them in a mason jar… but be nice make sure they can breathe and let them free at the end of the night!

5. Make a Fort

Who doesn’t love forts? Make a fort out of sheets inside or outside! Use boxes, pillows, whatever you can find! You could even decorate your new palace with a string of Christmas lights.


What free summer activities do you have on your list?


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