I Need Your Help

I’m trying to get Ask the Young Professional up to par. I’m thinking of organizing my posts by a different topic a day. I want to run my ideas by all of you first…

My Plan for Weekly Post Topics:

MondaysYoung Professional Advice from Friends (YPAF), Inspirations and Advice

I already have a least a month worth of YPAF posts and can’t wait to see the rest of the submissions roll in! I think you all will really like this series. One post would be featured each Monday, going live at 9am.

I’ve been thinking about finding a way to integrate quotes, images and different media more. I thought picture quotes and songs would be a great way to kick off your Monday morning with some inspiring energy.

I might also include my random advice post on Mondays.

Tuesdays – Posts on Office Life

On Tuesdays I would post anything to do with career. From interviewing to advice on what to do at the job. (I’m also open to about whatever questions you might have in this area!)

Wednesdays – Posts on Finance

I will do my best to post more about ways of saving money and personal finance. I am thinking that my Money Saver series is a dud… I think it would be better if I just wrote a post as I get inspired or learn something new, verses making them so standardized and limited. What do you think?

Thursdays – Posts on Personal Life

I’d like to focus all posts outside the office about living the life of a twentysomething to Thursdays. In the past I’ve posted on love and taking advantage of life. I think its important for a young professional to think about him/herself as a professional out of the office. Think about what type of person he/she wants to be as he/she comes into adulthood.

Fridays – Reviews, Sneak Peeks and Announcements

I’d like to start doing a “What We Learned This Week” or “This Week in Review” post series which would be like a blog roll where we would discuss what happened this week in our lives and from other sites’ posts. I think it could be an interesting way to gather people together and start a conversation. Do you agree?

Weekends – I usually don’t post/write on the weekend… Is that okay with you guys? Should I be?


I haven’t been featuring articles I like on this blog, but rather utilizing facebook and twitter for that. Have you been like that? Should I include them here too? And if you do think I should include them here too, is it ok to only bring them up on Friday’s “Week in Review” or would you like an entire post dedicated to them?

I’m thinking about doing reading reviews more often. I guess it wouldn’t be a review but more along the lines of what I did with The Defining Decade, share thoughts and lessons I’ve learned from the books I’m learning. They wouldn’t fall on a specific day, they would just fall on whatever day it most qualifies for. A book on career advice would go on Tuesday, a book about being twenty would go on Thursday. That sort of thing. Would you find this interesting?

Lastly, I would really like to have an advice column option set up but I would need your help to do it. I have my email for you to email me any questions you may have on any subject. Is there anything I can do to help you want to ask questions or make it easier to contact me? I would love to get more people involved and talking. That’s what Ask the Yo Pro is all about, creating a supportive community where we can grow and learn together.

I would love to hear your feedback. I really want Ask the Young Professional to be its best for you!

What else would you like to see?


8 thoughts on “I Need Your Help

  1. OK with you not posting on weekends? OF COURSE! You are super-active as it is! I appreciate all the time and effort you put in as it is.

    As for your categorization scheme, I really like the organization and thought you put into it. I think it’ll be great to have these topics covered, and in terms of your hit rate, you may attract somewhat different audiences for different days, which could be very interesting and worthwhile.

    Regarding your final Qs, email is a super-easy way to contact you (and you’re very attentive to comments, too, which is great), and I love the idea of book wrap-ups like The Defining Decade series.

    • Thank you, Rebecca, for the kind words and support, it really does mean a lot to me. I’m glad you think the daily topics are a good idea. I didn’t really think about reaching different audiences on different days… that is something interesting to consider. I’m glad you find it easy to reach out to me via email. I like how you call them “book wrap-ups” I might steel that πŸ˜‰ As always thanks for the support and feedback!

  2. This kind of categorization is really good for you because it makes it easier to plan your content. You know Tuesdays are going to be office stuff, so you can prepare for that by scheduling any office ideas or posts for Tuesdays. It also makes it easier for the audience to pick and to choose content i.e. more interested in career stuff than personal stuff, so I won’t bother to come here on Thursdays.

    BTW – Wednesday, as it stands, is posts about your fiance. We know you mean finance, but I’m surprised no one has caught that yet.

    • Thanks Allison for catching that mistake! I just fixed it πŸ™‚ And thank you for the feedback I’m glad you like the categorizing idea. I’ve already got a couple weeks worth of stuff ready so I hope it goes over well!

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