No Headphones Challenge

7/366 - iPhone headphones

This weekend I went to a meditation where there was a talk on temperance. The main question that I drew from this talk was;

Where can I tighten the screws and where can I be more free in my life? 

This got me thinking… There are so many screws that I try to focus on for self improvement. I think we all tend to look at what can we do more instead of less. This questions reminds us we should also practice getting rid of extras to give our lives room. So let’s think…  What can we do less of?

I spoke yesterday on creating good habits to become the person you want to be. One characteristic I’d like to always embody is to be a people person. Someone who makes people happy and wants to help people.

The use of headphones came up during the talk on temperance. How many times have you immediately put in your headphones while leaving on the elevator from work? Or when you got on the subway? I know that is one habit I do have.

Think about how isolated from the world you are when you have your headphones on. How many people do you not notice?

This week I decided to loose the headphones. I’m going to see what my life is like when I free myself from the isolation. I’m going to start talking to people in the elevator. I’m going to acknowledge people who I sit next to on the subway. Heck, I might even smile and say hello to people on the streets!

They may seem like insignificant little gestures but that’s where you start; you start small. One day if I have to make a 30 second elevator pitch, I’ll be prepared to just start a conversation with a potential employer. Same thing for being on the subway or anywhere with anyone!

I free myself to being open to communications with others. Freeing myself to be open to the unexpected. The unthinkable may never happen if I stay in my little isolated headphones bubble, so I’m freeing myself to see what happens.

It’s only a week! Why not?


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12 thoughts on “No Headphones Challenge

  1. This is an interesting experiment, and I have to give you props for trying it out. I am an introvert and would probably have trouble with this challenge, but I suppose that’s the whole point – push yourself outside of your comfort zone and see what kind of opportunities arise from it. Plus, conversing with strangers is also challenging yourself to think on your feet. A quick wit and the ability to give short yet meaningful pitch is quite a skill to have. I’d love to hear how this experiment goes for you!

    • I’m not going to lie, it has been hard in some cases. Even if I don’t meet the standards I thought I would do at least I know what is hard and why. I’ll definitely have a report for you all tomorrow!

    • I like that! I really need to make a list of my favorite quotes and make a calendar of it or something… But anyways… yes, you guys have given me no choice but to write a follow up, so stay tuned tomorrow!

  2. This is particularly interesting to me in my mid 40’s, as the idea of putting headphones on in a public setting other then the gym, or when jogging, would never occur to me. Yet I see young people doing that all the time. The cell phone and texting in cars and in public are the other side of the same coin. Young people avoiding social interaction when with other people via the headphones, and yet they can’t just listen to music when they are alone in the car and must text or talk to someone. Use your alone time wisely, we do need it, and try not be connected all the time. But at the same time, interact with the real people when you are actually with them.

    • That’s a really interesting point. I like that almost double sided advice; be alone and connect with others. I guess its just finding the middle point of two extremes, between being comfortable when only by yourself or only when you’re surrounded by others.

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