What’s New on Ask the Young Professional

If you haven’t noticed Ask the Young Professional has been getting some upgrades. I hope you enjoy the new face lift Ask the Yo Pro got. Here are some more new things to take a glance at…

New and Improve:

About Page 

There is now a page dedicated solely to the purpose of what Ask the Young Professional is all about. There is still an About Me if you want to learn a little bit about me, the writer and creator of Ask the Young Professional. Check out About Ask the Yo Pro for the new Vision and Mission statements to learn a little more about what this blog is trying to do for you.


There is now a Contact Me page where you can find my email to reach out to me and to ask me questions about your personal experience. Ask the Yo Pro is now featured across multiple social media sites including; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. More to come soon. Please e-mail me any suggestions you have on how to improve Ask the Yo Pro and what topics you would like me to talk about.

Guest Post 

Ask the Young Professional is now open to Guest Posts! If you would like to write something for Ask the Yo Pro, please take the time to read the policy then feel free to write away then email it to me!


The Yo Pro Community is growing every day, Ask the Yo Pro is now featuring favorite blogs and supporters.

Stay Tuned For:

Young Professional Advice from Friends (YPAF)

Young Professional Advice from Friends is a collection of voices from different ages, places and industries to share advice on starting off and being twenty. It will be launching July 1st with a variety of fellow bloggers from the world wide web!  It is going to be an amazing collaboration of ideas, stories, advice all being shared from some of my favorite blogs and supporters.

YPAF will also be opened to the public after launch day. You will see a page appear next to the Guest Post Policy which will contain all the information on what topics to cover and how to submit.

Tune in July 1st for the very first YPAF post and every Monday to see whose advice is being featured each week!


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