Creating Good Habits

The twenties is notoriously known for a time of self exploration. Why don’t we try to challenge this concept with the idea of twenties being about creating yourself.

The way I see it twenty somethings have two extreme lifestyles; they are either the “No Worries Party-er” or the “Extremely Focused Worker”. The problem is I don’t think anyone truly wants to be just one of these people. Deep down I think twenty somethings search for a balance of these two extremes.

Instead of finding ourselves in our twenties, let’s create ourselves.

Who do you want to be? What type of values do you want to be made of? How do you want people to describe you?

The answer to these questions can help us both learn who we are and make it a part of who we are. I believe the honest answers to these questions tell us who we are at our core. We are answering these questions based on something deep within us. Knowing the answers to these questions provides us with the choice to follow through with taking action on these desires or not.

This is where creating good habits come in. A habit does not just live within us, it comes from repetitive action. If we want something to be a part of who we are we need to make the  daily conscious effort to act in that way. 

These habits can be a concept or a tangible action. A concept would be something like practicing being honest or empathetic. An example of a tangible action would be a healthy diet or having daily prayer or meditation.

I mentioned my resolutions for the year in a post 6 months ago. Two resolutions I’m currently putting the most focus on is being a better friend and adding a work out routine to my work week. I’m practicing being a better friend by choosing one person to reconnect with in a special way each week. I’ve downloaded fitness apps to my phone and signed up for yoga classes in the effort to get into a habit of working out. After awhile it will be natural for me to come home from work and start a ten minute work out routine and to make plans with a friend each weekend.

When I grow up into my full adult self I want to remember people are more important than work and I want to keep myself healthy. What do you want your future self to be like?

Last week I was inspired by a post form Ambition in the City, Reconnecting with Your Passions. Cristina talked about how she reconnected with her inner yearning for painting. I thought this was a fabulous idea. I also love to paint but haven’t since I graduated.

Do you have a forgotten passion? Unleashing these inner passions is another way to create good habits as you build up the new adult you. Go ahead and use your twenties as a positive time of exploration. Try new things. See if you have any undiscovered passions. Learn about yourself outside of your comfort zone. Just remember to come back to reality and get your butt to work.

Combining values, tangible actions and passions is how we create that balanced persona. Obviously taking the time to increase your work ethic and understanding who you are are essential to growing in your twenties, but remember to focus on all areas of life. Develop your work skills, live out your passions and desires, and introduce good habits into your life to create that future self you want to be.

What passions would you like to start again? What type of person do you want to be? 


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