3 Things I Could Go Without

Anthony’s post from Stuff Grads Like, 5 Things You Need to Give Up for 30 Days, inspired me to think about what I could go without. I sat down to write a list of what I could get rid of, what was unnecessary in my life.  Anything I could think of could fell under three categories. Honestly, I don’t know how long I could go without them because I am only human, but I do know I would feel much better after taking a break from them. I’m going to share these three things with you because I bet we could all do without them.

1. Technology


Anthony talked about giving up Facebook for 30 days, but I’m going to take it a step further. Do we really need all this technology in our daily lives? We have cell phones, mp3 players, tablets, laptop, computers, televisions… and crazy gadgets that I’m probably not cool enough to know about. I know some of this is inevitable. Cell phones are good in case of an emergency and we use computers at work. But how much could we reduce our use of technology?

Earlier this week when I got home from work I decided to see how much I could do before I sat myself down in front of the television. I read a book. I finally potted that plant that’s been waiting way too long to finally have a home. I cleaned my fish bowls (Chaz and Bebo are very thankful, I’ll have to Instagram them for you tonight). I did the dishes. I updated my calendar. I even got my laundry in while doing all of this! I did all of this to end my night with a nice meal I prepared. Yes, I ate my meal in front of the television because Leslie Knope is a great dinner companion. It surprised me but I felt a lot better and was in a better mood than my normal “come home and relax in front of the TV” routine.

I think we could all challenge ourselves to at least…

  • Not carry our phones around with us everywhere. Have it for the emergencies and if someone needs to get a hold of you, but leave it in one spot. Don’t check it unless you get a phone call, text messages can always be answered later, enjoy the moment you’re in.
  • Not stare at a screen all day. Our eyes need a break from screens. Most likely you stare at a screen all day at work, so read a book, go outside, get some exercise, meet up with friends, do something relaxing that doesn’t require technology.

2. Complaining

Seriously, do we really need to complain so much? Whatever we complain about, there is always someone who has it worse. I think we forget about that too much. I know, complaining is easy and I do it a lot. I complain about the job I have when most of my friends don’t even have a full time “real” job! How insane is that?!?

Complaining is just a bad habit that brings us down. Why not try our hardest to get rid of it. Instead we could practice good habits to replace complaining. It’s a little cliche but for some reason it’s harder to remember the good than the bad. Reminding yourself of how good you have it and how awesome you are could fight the urge to complain.

I challenge you to fight complaining with positive support by…

  • Creating  inspiration boards. Collect some inspiring words and picture then display them how you wish.  
  • Volunteering. Helping others is a great way to give back and helps make you humble.
  • Complimenting others. Instead of focusing on things you don’t like in your life, concentrate on the good in others’.

3. Laziness

Laziness is like a disease! It creeps in and then you can’t get rid of it! Laziness is the cause of so many unwanted or unnecessary things. The two things I thought of were procrastination and eating habits.

We could get so much more done with our days, weeks, months, lives if we didn’t procrastinate. We would improve in so many areas; work, home, relationships, friendships, and personal goals. If we were proactive we could spend time taking on new tasks at work, which could help us move up in our career; spending more time with friends to maintain relationship; and learning new things to improve ourselves.

I was going to make junk food the fourth things I could go without until I realized that I eat bad because I’m lazy! If I wanted to eat better I could create a meal plan for my week/month, research different diets, and have healthy snacks prepared to resist the easy to grab bag of chips.

Let’s challenge ourselves to fight laziness by…

  • Creating daily routines or scheduling things in a planner.
  • Putting a time limit on our down time.
  • Making a resolution to first do something active and productive before we reward ourselves with down time.

It would be a big leap to stop doing all three things at once. I imagine it would be very challenging to keep your will power up through all of this. But what if we just started with on thing at a time? Or making a small effort each day? Or having one goal from each thing for just a week? Do you think you could go without these three things?

What are your three things you could do without?


6 thoughts on “3 Things I Could Go Without

    • Thanks, Nick! I like that you point out sleeping for more than 8 hours. That’s the total amount we supposedly need so why waste time when you could get up and be productive? Good inside nick 🙂

  1. Great post, Katie. The technology one is intense – that’s giving up a lot of stuff! But seriously, sometimes I just feel like I hate Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and especially texting! haha. It would be cool to take a break from that, just leave my phone until I need it. Great idea!

    • It would be pretty intense if you took out 100%, but I think we would all be surprised at how much less we actually need technology. I think we rely on it more than we need to and because of it we are missing out on other things.

  2. I think one thing that a lot of people could benefit from giving up 30 days would be excuses. Everyone seems to have an excuse for everything that goes wrong. Giving up that crutch could be great.

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