How I Stay Organized with Evernote

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I mentioned before that I am a big culprit of downloading apps and never using them. Recently I decided to change that by starting to use and Evernote. I spoke about my experience with here, but let me tell you now about my new life saver, Evernote.

Evernote is like the junk draw of your smartphone. You can leave yourself notes, create lists, upload pictures, and share them with multiple people. I love that you can access it through phone, tablet or computer. It allows me to update with ease and quickly recall an old thought anywhere, anytime.

I can organize all my random thoughts throughout the day in one place. I used to quickly jot down ideas on a paper, but that paper can easily get lost on my desk. That piece of paper is also not in my back pocket when I’m on the train or when I get home from work. When I’m away from my desk, my phone is in my back pocket so I can edit, add to and access my thoughts at any time!

I use Evernote for work and in my personal life. Here are some of the notes I’ve created so far…

  • Blog Ideas – I keep a list of inspirations to write about here at Ask the Young Professional for you guys!
  • Books to read – I post links here from amazon, reviews from blogs and lists of recommendations from friends
  • Movies and TV to watch – I like to make a list of the shows up for nomination or that I see a traler for so I don’t forget about them in my busy life
  • Music to download – I hear a song I like on the radio, Pandora, iHeart Radio or Shazam a song on the street, I put it here
  • Photos and snapshots sent to me by friends
  • To do lists – I have one for work and outside of work
  • Places I want to visit – restaurants, parks, events, landmarks… There’s been too many times I forgot what recommendations someone gave me, this list helps me to actually make it to these places!
  • Budget and Goals – I made a list of all the budget decisions and goals I’ve made for myself because before I would write them down in a notebook, but I would never have that notebook on hand when I needed to remember!

There are a lot of different text formats as well. So you have more options with your text than with apps like the iPhone Notepad. My favorite, the check box. Instead of just make a bullet list, like the one above, I can put a check box next to items and actually check them off when completed.

There are so many different uses for this app. This is just what I’ve started with over the last week or so. I’m sure I will put this app to use even more in the future.

Do you have Evernote? What other apps do you like?

For more information on other helpful apps look here.


4 thoughts on “How I Stay Organized with Evernote

  1. I need to use this! I have heard it mentioned but wasn’t sure what it was until this post. Thanks for the info – I will check it out. (And BTW, I cracked Mint – there was some weird nesting of categories going on which was causing the “everything else” category to not calculate correctly…but it’s working now! Woo hoo!)

    • I’m sure you’ll love Evernote. There’s endless possibilities! And I’m glad Mint is working for you. I think I had a similar problem at first. Just like any app, or anything really, it just takes some time getting used to.

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