17 thoughts on “How To Create a Budget with Mint.com

  1. As I just start to fiddle with Mint, the categories issue has been perplexing me. My transactions are already categorized, as you mentioned, and I want, for example, all my eating out (fast food, restaurants, etc.) grouped under one category…but the categories in Mint are all separate, which seems strange for budgeting purposes. From reading this post it sounds like I can either go in and recategorize my transactions or set up budgets for each separate segment of eating out, right?

    And how do you create the “Everything Else” budget? So far I can only get specific categories to go into budgets, which is aggravating because I do want to lump all other transactions and track them. Any tips?

    • You should categorize transactions to be what your budgets are. For example, Mint automatically recognized when I made a purchase at a Pharmacy so I created a Pharmacy budget.

      The “Everything Else” budget happens on it’s own. Any category you don’t have a budget for or is uncategorized should automatically go there.

      I hope this helps! If it seems confusing feel free to email me at asktheyoungprofessional@gmail.com I can even do a G+ Hangout and share the screen so you can see exactly what I do.

  2. I’ve been using Mint for over a year now, and it is fantastic! I saved up money to buy a laptop, saved money for a trip to Italy, and paid off one of my Graduate PLUS loans (which accrue interest when dispensed). So glad you posted this!

      • I set an amount to dedicate each month to my trip — I set up a budget for the trip and Mint gave me an amount to save each month. I went down to eating out twice a month (I usually do so once a week), and limited my shopping to on-sale items that I genuinely needed. At the end of each month, whatever money I had left over went into the Italy fund. This way, I was able to save up my trip money well before I left, and then I could redirect all of that into savings.

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