Spring Cleaning My Life

I’m taking the next 7 days to get everything in my life organized again. From home improvement projects to organizing all the gadgets I have. I’m going to start with cleaning. Cleaning helps me clear my mind and prevents me from being overwhelmed. I’m talking about cleaning more than just my room. I’m going to clean out my phone and laptop as well.

My laptop has been so overwhelming and annoying to use that honestly I think I only use it to watch movies on the train/bus ride back to Boston. If I had a tablet I would seriously never use my laptop. I let it become too full and I’m sure I caused other problems from being a bad owner. I’ve been saving up for an external hard drive. I should have the funds by the end of the summer. I’m going to buy a more expensive one that I know is reliable with an incredible amount of memory.  I will use it for anything that just sits on my laptop, like pictures and old projects.

For now I will start cleaning my laptop by getting rid of pictures I don’t want and music I don’t listen to anymore. I hate doing this. I never update anything and I never clear anything out because it is so tedious and takes too long. Luckily I have an amazing boyfriend who knows how to deal with my frustration… He suggested that I take 5 – 15 minutes a day cleaning out one section at a time. He gave a great example that while I’m relaxing watching my shows, on the commercial breaks I can go through my iTunes to delete songs I don’t listen to anymore. And we all have those pictures that are not of anything but we were too lazy to go through and delete. This is a great way to get rid of them! Who likes watching commercials anyways?

The next part of my gadget cleaning will be to take advantage of all it has to offer! I don’t know how many times I find an amazing app but never set up after I download it because I’m too lazy to go through the process. Or how many times my phone has told me I’m not properly set up to the cloud. Um… HELLO! Why have I not done this? These creations are absolutely BRILLIANT! I’m absolutely insane to have an iPhone but not use it… Not use it to its full potential and pay all this money to have it!

So, this weekend I will be cleaning out apps I no longer use and setting up the ones I want to use. To start I’m going to finish setting up my Mint.com account and link it with the mobile app. I like the budgeting system I have right now, but having it only in one place makes me fall behind. Mint.com is also smarter than me, they can help me do more and make fewer mistakes!

I will also be downloading Evernote. It is an app I’ve been meaning to download. I’ve even recommended it on my Social Media and Apps page, but I don’t actually own it! This junk draw app will work with my scattered brain to keep track of all the random thoughts I have in one easy to access place. I was going to have a small notebook… but how many times would I lose or forget that? The answer is every day. Every day. I’ve tried that before, why should I keep repeating the same mistakes when digital geniuses have already solved problems for me?

Then I will stop being a lazy butt head and properly set up my cloud… finally.

I’m taking baby steps here people. This doesn’t sound like a lot, but I’m making a public pledge to do these three things…

  1. Clear up memory on my laptop by removing unwanted pictures and music.
  2. Organize my iPhone by setting up and utilizing productive apps.
  3. To do it, and then use it!

4 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning My Life

  1. Good luck Katie, it always feels good to get things cleaned up! I highly recommend getting set up with the iCloud and enabling the “Find My Phone” app. If these two things would have been set up when my wife lost her purse it would have saved us a major headache!

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