Being The Best I Can Be

I’m on this new kick of “being the best I can be”. I’m currently 23, but I only have 2 months, exactly, until I’m 24 years old! That’s almost a quarter of my life and half my twenties!

Honestly, one day I was looking at myself in the mirror and I didn’t love what I saw. Yes, I know I’m skinny and I don’t need to lose weight, but if this twenysomething body is the best body I’m ever going to have, why not make it the best it can be?

I’m starting my version of the South Beach Diet today. My version meaning I didn’t want to pay for the real thing so I tried the free trial, took some notes and combined what I learned with advice from friends. My goal is to slim down my legs and have flat abs, just like every girl wants. What I will really achieve is a healthy life style.

Committing to this diet will start healthy habits I can keep for life. I will learn more about what is good, or bad, for me and about portion sizes.  Then, hopefully, I will create a workout routine that I can continue to keep to.

It is obvious how much I’m enjoying The Defining Decade. I think it has really drilled the idea of the twenties being the years that set up the rest of my life. I do want to do as much as I can now to start living a better life. A better life personally, professional and socially. Everything I do now can only help start a create a habit to help me throughout life.

That’s why I have also been trying to organize my life. Once I get organized I can set routines for managing my money and schedule. I can also find where I need to make key purchases like the external hard drive I need and possibly some new storage units.

Socially, I can start creating habits of meeting up with friends weekly. Saving up for a yearly reunion with friends. Keeping close relationships with my younger siblings. These are just a few ideas, but creating social habits is the most important to me. We forget about people in the chaos of everything else. We need to dedicate time to working on that part of our life as well.

This 23 years and 10 month year old will be spending the next 5 years and 2 months choosing what habits to create and working towards “being the best I can be.”


9 thoughts on “Being The Best I Can Be

  1. Really love your honest voice in this post. I have been on a journey myself with fitness and finding a balance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle lately. It’s quite addictive! (in a good way). Hope your version of the South Beach diet goes well. Keep us posted!
    -jenni@ 20’s inc-

  2. Cool stuff, Katie. I think I get scared sometimes when I start to wonder if “this is the best it’ll be.” For me, I’ve been working on focusing what’s on the present, which is possibly the cheesiest thing I could say, but it’s all new ground for me. Spent a long time thinking about the past and the future, you know?

  3. Almost into your mid-twenties! (20-23 = early, 24-26= mid, 27-29=late… is it sad I’ve thought about this?) Anywho. Ignore me.
    Sometimes I feel like, here I am twenties! It’s my time to shine! And then I feel like I’m not taking advantage of this decade at all. Know what I mean? Glad you’re on the quest for a long term healthy lifestyle. It so hard to do. I want to hear more updates about the organization progress! Hopefully your success will rub off on me…;)

    • I’ll definitely give you updates! Sometimes I feel the same way that I’m not taking advantage of my twenties… But that’s when my adventure side and bucket list kicks in. I make a pledge to myself that I’ll go do something different that I’ve never done before. It’s good to create habits and be responsible but I think it’s just as important to balance that out with taking some risks now that we won’t be able to take after we’re 30 or married.

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