Bring Your Lunch to Work

Make your own lunch!

I know, a bagged lunch is not exactly a new concept. Any new concept that’s worked for years can always be adapted! Although sandwiches are great I usually try to stay away from them. I know some people that are sandwich gurus, but let’s admit it most of us make a bland sandwich. That is something I cannot stand behind.

I love food… I mean I really love food. I’m the type of person who is constantly eating. It helps me to stay awake and be in a good mood while at work. I try to make my lunches something to look forward to. I learned quickly that making an interesting lunch every day could not fit in my schedule. I started cooking a big meal during my free time every Sunday so I would have left overs for the week. I grew up in a household of 6 so I just used the proportions I was used to when I was home. I also love pasta so I literally just throw whatever I have in with pasta and BAM… new tasty meal!

If you think you’re not so great at cooking or don’t know any fun recipes try this app, iFood. I absolutely love it! I’ve already made at least 5 new recipes. What’s great about this app is that you can use the “What’s Around the House” option to choose ingredients you already have. This is my favorite meal I’ve made with iFood…


This is a Shrimp and Pasta Formaggio. This is the second time I made this meal so I adapted it to add clams (I was feeling adventurous) and less cheese. It’s basically pasta, can of tomatoes, garlic, spinach leaves, shrimp, clams, cheese and of course the sauce. The great hing about this recipe was that the majority of these ingredients are staples that I keep around the house. Using iFood is a great way to use the same groceries I buy every week in a new way.

What fun lunches do you bring to work?


4 thoughts on “Bring Your Lunch to Work

  1. Looks delicious. I admit I rarely look forward to eating my lunch of leftovers. It is usually more utility than pleasure. Steak fajita leftovers are my favorite though. I put all the separate ingredients into little bags and then assemble.

    We have a grill at work and I keep threatening to bring meat and have a fry up. You’ve inspired me to get out of bed and eat breakfast and think a bit more about lunches!

    • I love the steak fajita idea! Splitting them up into separate baggies must help it stay fresh and not get soggy.

      Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! And a scrambled egg does not take that long. Just throw it on a piece of toast and it’s breakfast to go! I’m glad you’ve been inspired. Share any new ideas you discover!

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