Reviewing Identity Capital

Believe it or not we have only covered one chapter of The Defining Decade over the last four posts. We covered four basic topics;

  1. What is Identity Capital?
  2. Erik Erikson’s exploration through his identity crisis and how he managed to gain capital
  3. Dr. Meg Jay’s experience with Outward Bound and how that played a role in applying for graduate school
  4. Underemployment, it happens to every twentysomething and how to deal with it

We’ve learned that identity capital contains the qualities and attributes you pick up over the years. For work it can be experience, training  classes, degrees and more. Erik Erikson taught us that identity crisis and identity capital should happen at the same time. We should explore ourselves to discover a genuine understanding of ourselves. It may not always have to involve back packing through Europe, but taking the time to learn about who we are is crucial. Understanding yourself will reveal what goals and aspirations you have for your personal and professional life. Dr. Meg Jay’s experience at Outward Bound is another example of discovering a true sense of self. She gained some capital at Outward Bound before applying to graduate school, which ultimately made her stand out from the applicant pool. Finally, we covered the topic of underemployment. Every twentysomething experiences it. We know underemployment jobs either pay the bills while we go to school or open the door to new opportunities. We now have Dr. Meg Jay’s advice to choose the job that will give us the most capital. There are four more chapters under the work section of The Defining Decade that I would love to share with you. They are…

  1. Weak Ties
  2. The Unthought Known
  3. My Life Should Look Better on Facebook    (I split this topic into two posts; here and here)
  4. The Customized Life

We will learn who the people are that will help us advance on our career path. We will learn what career path to choose. We will learn how taking action in our twenties will give us results and not leave us thinking we are behind. Finally we will put the pieces of our lives together to create our own future. I really hope you are enjoying this post series on The Defining Decade. I am only elaborating on a few points I found important to share. The stories shared in this book will connect with each reader in a different way. I encourage you to purchase this book or lend it from your local library because I think there is much more this book can offer you. I hope you continue to follow this series as well so we can continue to have great conversations and share stories. I love hearing from you all! I thank you for talking with me. 🙂


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