Quick Tip #0022

Talk to someone from Human Resources.

You’re probably thinking that obviously you know to do that because you want to get hired… and they’re the ones that do the hiring. But I’m talking about more than getting an interview. I’m talking about talking to someone from HR to gather information to prepare yourself for future interviews.

Think about it… HR  hires the people… shouldn’t they have the best advice on what to wear, how to format your resume, what you should and shouldn’t ask in an interview… They know the answer to every question you could possibly have about interviewing and applying!


2 thoughts on “Quick Tip #0022

  1. Katie, you bring up an important point. LinkedIn has been the best resource ever because now you can find many people at a company you want to work for – as well as at other companies in the same line of work you want to pursue. Only 2-3 years ago, that was not an easy prospect.

    Talk to HR folks and as many others as you can as you need to interview the company first to see if you are a good fit before you ask them to interview you.

    This is also a reminder to keep your online profiles in check. I’ve never met you, but if you were applying for a job with me, your online profile here is excellent and would say much more than your resume. Unfortunately for many applicants I’ve had in the past – their online profile pushed their resume into the “no thanks” pile site unseen.

    Great writing. Best of luck!

    • Thank you! Those were such kind words.

      I agree with you on how LinkedIn provides numerous ways to connect with professionals and how your online presence can really impact an employer’s impression of you.

      I’m glad you liked my post and thanks for following!

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