Save and Reuse!

Save and reuse!

No it’s not just an environment-friendly plug, there’s a lot of things we throw out that we can just reuse! My roommates and I save any glass bottles for cups. We have never bought a single cup/glass in our kitchen set. We’ve saved cups from over the years of all the free giveaways at school, tomato sauce jars, jelly jars… the list goes on. Creating your own mason jars is fun! Even this millennial blogger agrees, take a look at So-Call Millennial’s post about mason jars.



Also, when we order out we save all the containers for tupperware. Think about all the chinese food you eat! That’s so many containers to reuse! Then there are containers your food comes packaged in at the grocery store. My favorite is pasta salad and butter containers.


Take a second look in your fridge and think about what you can reuse. When you find something just stick that sucker in the dishwasher or if you don’t have a dish washer give it some good old elbow grease! Then POOF, brand new kitchen items!

It’s fun and I think gives the apartment some charm. Here’s some other random thing’s I’ve reused…

Bud Light Platinum bottles as vases for my bamboo.


An old Brita for a fish tank.


I’m sure there’s plenty more DIY projects you can find online to add to this list.

A little care and thought goes a long way, just like saving a little here and there will help you in the long run.

Do you have any items you reuse?

6 thoughts on “Save and Reuse!

  1. During college I filled the kitchen with mason jars as glasses from upcycled tomato sauce jars! I love the use of “garbage” reinvented to save money and the environment. Next project you might consider is to turn water bottles in flip flops! Give that one a try!


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