Free Lunch Or Coffee, Should You Take It?

Go to Bridgehead.

Go to Bridgehead. (Photo credit: emilybean)

You’re asked to go on a coffee or lunch run for one of your supervisors and they say, “Get yourself something.”

This is a debate I have been having with myself for a long time. Should I respond with the polite “No, thank you” my parents taught me to respond with or do I accept the offer?

I have had this debate with some of my friends. Some say that if they do not take the offer the person gets offended. Others think it is respectful to politely decline the offer.

Fellow young professionals, what would you do?


8 thoughts on “Free Lunch Or Coffee, Should You Take It?

  1. Oh man, I have this internal war all the time. I pretty much always politely decline, because I always assume that they usually offer to be polite. Occasionally you get the person that just keeps on insisting and it gets weird to keep saying no. Then I say yes.

  2. My boss took me out to lunch on my first day. I don’t like taking handouts from people, but I also believe you need to give people the opportunity to serve you. I plan on being in a situation later in life where I have a lot of extra money to serve people with, and I want them to accept my service. I look at it as an exchange, my boss bought me lunch and I will pay it forward to someone else in the future.

  3. I think it depends on your relationship with your boss or supervisor. Most bosses want to offer coffee/lunch/food to their employees because: it’s nice, it’s convenient, and/or it’s on the company card anyway.

    I say: if you want some coffee and the boss offers to take the offer; if you don’t want anything and they offer then respectfully decline; and if they don’t offer then don’t make a point of asking.

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