Versatile Blogger Award


David from 20somethings in 2013 nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award. It means a lot to me that David chose to nominate me for this award. The 20somethings in 2013 blog is an amazing blog which recognizes the stories and accomplishes of men and women in their 20’s. I strongly recommend you check it out.

The rules for accepting the award require me to nominate fifteen other blogs and write seven interesting facts about myself, so here it goes…


7 facts about myself:

  1. I’m the oldest of 4; Katie, Nate, Kelly and Kaleigh.
  2. I played soccer, basketball and lacrosse in high school.
  3. I’ve been a lifeguard more than 8 years.
  4. I moved to NY from MA in September 2013.
  5. I worked on the concert committee at my college (Fitchburg State University) and was able to meet Jimmy Eat World, We the Kings, New Found Glory, Sammy Adams, Mims, Wiz Khalifa, Mac Miller and The White Panda (in that order).
  6. I’m fostering a dog who is also named Katie… we call her Katie Dog because one of my roommate’s name is also Katy…
  7. I was more nervous to meet Oscar the Grouch than any celebrity I’ve ever met or worked with.


These are the blogs I’m nominating:

  1. A Young Pro
  2. A Young Professional
  3. Ambition in the City
  4. Between you and Me, There’s PR
  5. Boo Ta Style
  6. Borderline Adults
  7. Experience Required
  8. Gen Y Girl
  9. Life on a Branch
  10. So-Called Millennials
  11. Stuff Grads Like
  12. The Way We Live Now
  13. Uncompromised Vocation
  14. Young Media Love
  15. Zero2Hero

Please take the time to look at some of these blogs. They all have something great and unique to offer. I constantly go to them for ideas, inspiration and to start a conversation with what is going on in the 20something, Gen Y/Millennial, young professional community.


4 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Award

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