Organizing and Prioritizing

I have fallen in love with post-its. I could use them as a prank to post-it a co-workers entire cubicle or I could use them to stay organized and prioritized.

I was a little late on my resolutions this year but last month I finally sat down and made some resolutions. One I specifically set for the professional part of my life. I promised myself I would sit down every Monday to write down my goals for the week, one pertaining to my job and one outside of my job (example: updating my resume or working on my writing). As I have been following through with this for about a month now I noticed that I subconsciously created a work flow to keep my goals (and tasks) organized and prioritized.

I use my post-it notes strategically. I have two posted up at the bottom of my computer screen. They stare at me every day to remind me what needs to get done.

The first post-it reads “Tasks” then lists off the projects I have been asked to complete by someone in the office. The second is entitled “Self”. This is where I keep track of what I need to get done to stay organized and on top of my work.

I usually try to fill up an entire post-it before throwing it away (to stay economically friendly), but I also try to keep the listed items in order of importance. For example, I may choose to put the biggest project or the project with the closest deadline first. This way I know what I need to be spending most of my time on.

If you want more advice on creating lists look at this post and the link included by my fellow blogger, Experience Required.

When I finish something on my lists I cross it off. The feeling is SO REWARDING! Having a sense of accomplishment from a project you put your best work into is literally one of the best feelings in the world. As you’re finishing work and crossing off items on the list you can feel yourself gaining more energy. You’re a task completing machine! Instead of losing energy as the day goes on you’ll gain energy because you’ll feel useful.

And all this started with the simple little post-it used for good. A post-it used for a daily visual reminder, a strategic organizer and a benefactor of accomplishment.


4 thoughts on “Organizing and Prioritizing

  1. I love post its… especially the colorful kinds. My company would order the plain yellow ones so I went out and bought my own in different colors because I find color categorizations helps me. I like your “Self” idea, I definitely do the work tasks… but sometimes forget about me.

    • The different colored ones are the best! There’s really so many different fun kinds you can get. Its s fun way to spice up a bland desk too, make work life a little more fun. Color categorizing is a great idea as well. And don’t ever forget about yourself! You’re the most important part! I always go back to the idea I was taught growing up… you can’t take care of others if you don’t take care of yourself first. You can apply that to any part of your life.

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