Teaching then Reviewing

As you may know, I’ve started a new position within the last month. I’ve been going through a lot of different training and I’ve noticed something; each person has their own teaching method. Recently one struck me in particular that I wanted to share it with you.

The whole idea behind this person’s teaching method was explaining then reviewing. He was introducing me to a new program, specifically with one of his projects. First, he went through the entire process of the project and how the program worked. He would also point out keep aspects that we would have to go back to later. When he was finished explaining, he immediately said, “Okay, let’s go over your notes.” We went over my notes and he quizzed me on what I would do in different situations.

After this review and quizzing I was able to repeat back to him how to use the entire program, what the different sections meant and what to do in different situations. This was great because it gave me the confidence to continue on the project by myself. It was also beneficial to my “teacher” because he knew I would be able to complete the task properly without him having to spend extra time holding my hand throughout the whole process.

I think this is an important teaching method to note because you can use it when teaching others or you can adapt it to when you’re being taught. If you are being taught something and your teacher does not use this method, then you can refer back to it yourself. After the lesson is over you can ask if you can explain back what you learned, type up your notes and e-mail them back for approval, or just have them check your work as you go.

What do you think? Would this method help you? Or do you have other methods that you think are more beneficial?



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