Being Well Rounded

I was lucky enough that my internship site set me up with a lot of opportunities to get advice from major professionals. One week my internship supervisor set up meetings for each intern to meet with one person from our company. On my meeting day I was able to show my resume and cover letter. It was great receiving more feedback from a professional already in the field. It was even better that I was able to learn what type of person the company would be looking to hire.

The idea was having talents to fill a full 360 degree view. With a 360 degree of talents you could potentially create an idea for a project then follow it through all its phases until completion. Being diverse in talents was valuable to an employer because they would be the option to use you for more than one project or area.

Some suggestions I was given…

Take classes. 

Increase skill levels you already have and invest in ones that I was lacking. 

Create a website.

Showcasing yourself online gives you some visual personality to stand out from the crowd. It is a great opportunity to further go into detail about what you can offer.

Be involved in the digital world.

The digital world is quickly evolving. Having at least a basic understanding where you could stay a float in the digital world can be a desired quality in a new hire. 

Overall I understood that starting off any young professional should stay fresh with practice in new skills and knowledge of new advances.


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