Talents Spread Wide

Do you ever think about where you talents can lead you? How far can one talent really be spread?

I had an informational meeting with a woman who was a Senior Book Editor. While reflecting on the notes I took on that meeting I found a lot of similarities between her position and a film producer (the position I think I may want to be in one day).

These two positions are very different from each other. They are so different that I’m not quite sure if these two people would ever meet even if they worked for the same company.

They both bubble down to the same skills…

Senior Book Editor

  • Production Management
    • Using organizational skills to keep work progress on track to meet deadlines
  • Relationship Management
    • Work with different departments to make projects happen
  • Editing
    • Literally making edits to the writings
  • Outside Partners
    • Working with other companies to publish

Film Producer

  • Production Management
    • Using organizational skills to create schedules, crew calls, etc. to work efficiently
  • Relationship Management
    • Hire different crews, directors and talent for different shoots
  • Editing
    • Making sure they’re staying true to the overall storyline and characters
  • Outside Partners
    • Working with other companies for distributions and screenings

This is a very basic and general breakdown of these two positions, but you can still see the similarities. Both require organizational skills, they need to be a people person; they have hands on tasks with the creative aspects; and have to be able to work in a team dynamic.

After I made this realization it made me think… where else would I be a good fit to work? Maybe there’s a job out there that I’m not aware of yet that can utilize all my talents as well. Maybe there’s a perfect job for me that I would never think of!

This is why it is always a good idea to keep broadening yourself. Get experience in as many areas as possible while you’re young. See what works, learn what doesn’t work. The perfect time to experiment is when you are not tied down by a location, family, or any other responsibility that could limit your experiences. You could live in one state working in one job for one year, and then move to another state or maybe even a different country to work in a completely different field!

The world is way too big for any one of us to understand at one time. Take advantage of your talents and use them! Find out what you’re capable of and see what is the best fit for you.


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