Work Drama

“I don’t know why, but Cindy doesn’t like me.”

“Did you hear about Paul?”

“Why does Charlie get all the credit?”

“I bet Betty won’t even last two weeks.”

Rumors, judging, preconceptions and any other form of gossip will always be around. People love drama and competition.   Someone will want you to fail so they can succeed. Negative views will always be there to challenge you and your work.

Negatives always stick out the most. It doesn’t matter how many positives there are, negatives can over shadow them with one single swoop.

It is your challenge to choose what to listen to, who to follow, and what to see.

Who cares if someone wants you to fail? So what if that one person doesn’t like you?

If people talk about you, let them. It is your choice to kill with kindness, rise above the situation and prove yourself with your hard work.


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