Proud Work Can Become New Work

For the past week or so I was being trained to do a couple new tasks. The woman who was training me was leaving for a new position in a different department.

Throughout my training I noticed how proud the woman was of her work. She had put a lot of effort into staying organized and having her work easily accessible to anyone on the team. She had created a system that worked for her and her team successfully. Although she was so proud she never once said that her way was the only one way to do things.

After showing me how to do something she would always say “But however you want to do it is fine.”

This stood out to me for two reasons. First, she was empowering me to take this job into my own hands so I too could make it something I was proud of. Secondly, not many people have an open mind when it comes to their word. It is hard to hear new ideas when you think you’ve done the job right.

The truth is a new set of eyes on any project is the best idea. A new set of eyes sees things fresh and more clearly. If you have been working on a project for months you may have become so familiar with it that you do not see the other options. There could be a less complex route that may not be obvious to you, but it could to another. A new person opens up the pathway to new discussions and ideas.

How can we progress if we are never challenged?


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