Say No to Nerves

Lately, I’ve been recognizing how nervous I am in situations. I’m nervous at work, even though I know pretty much everyone. It’s my second week working, but I interned for about 4 months prior to this. Last night I went to this informal interview for a part time weekend job and I caught myself shaking!

What’s wrong with me?

That was my initial thought. Then I just realized I’m thinking too much. I’m playing the head game with myself. We all play the head game where you bully yourself.

Once I discovered the route of my problem I quickly tried to find a simple solution. I’m not a robot so there’s no “off” switch for my thoughts. the only conclusion I came up with was that I was going to have to be brave. I was going to have to force myself into situations that make me nervous and rise above it.

Lets start with last night… Last night when I caught myself shaking, I stopped, then proceeded to go up and just talk to people. This informal interview was all about putting yourself out there and going for it. All they wanted to see was that I was sociable. Even though I have these shy roots, I am an incredibly sociable person. I love talking to people! I love to hear their stories. All I had to do was go up to someone or a group of people, introduce myself and just become a part of the conversation. After my first attempt it got easier every time.

I’m sharing this self exploration with you because I’ve decided to be brave more often and I want you to join me.

How many opportunities have we missed because we were nervous or shy? If we stood up for ourselves and talked to one more person about job openings, would we have an amazing job right now? If we said yes to dancing with that stranger would we now have an amazing life memory?

I’m vowing to stop letting myself be nervous about the little things. There’s more to life (in the business world and personal life) that I’m just not willing to let myself miss out on.

I’m saying no to my nerves. Will you join me?


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