Where can you see yourself living for 5 years?

When the topic of internship came up my professor asked us that question. She went on to explain that the best idea to look for an internship is not only one with great opportunities but also one with a location we could live in.

This goes for more than just internship. If you love where you live and can get a job in your field, great! Some may travel to follow their dream. In my case I started my quest deciding where I wanted to take my internship. I studied film and video so automatically I knew my choices were NYC or LA. I thought I wanted the warm sun, beach and access to Hollywood features. When another one of my professors suggested I go to Sesame Street my mind completely changed. As you may known I moved to New York in the fall of 2012. Looking back I am so glad I did. The climate is fine… I’m from New England originally, I’ve had much worse winters and climate changes. NYC is similar to they style of living I grew up in, but still a good change. Also, I don’t have to take an airplane home! I’m only 4 hours away from home so I can go about once a month instead of only a couple times a year. Turns out these were all the things I really cared about. If I had to decide again I would make a list of my comforts, things I like to do, and things I like/need access too. For me it bubbled down to family and friends.

You also might be asking why did she say 5 years? I haven’t been in NYC for that long…

Well, she (my professor) explained how once you get your foot in the door in one place you’re going to want to continue to set up connections. Networking doesn’t really cross state lines very well. For example, if I had moved to LA but for whatever reason had to move home after a year I would have to start all over building up my reputation. It takes about 5 years to really build up yourself as a reputable professional. From there you can try to branch out more and those 5 years to back you up as proof. It’s almost as if the “entry level” lasts for 5 years then you start to emerge from it.

What’s important to you? Where’s somewhere you would want to live?


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