The First Step Towards Success is Incredibly Messy

To go off my last post, I want to share a little of my experience starting off and advice I’ve gotten.

I’m a production assistant and I just finished my last semester with an internship. In both there are a lot of basic tasks that some consider to be “grunge” work. Yes, there’s a lot of coffee runs, picking up lunches and copies to be made. Some people also call it “the little people work”. I just call it work. This is my job and therefore my responsibility. I’m going to preform the task at hand with the best of my abilities as I’ve been taught from an early age.

I always remember what my professor said my sophomore year of college… “If they can’t trust you to get the coffee order right, how can they trust you with the important stuff.”

THAT’S SO TRUE! These people don’t really know me. I just got hired. Sure I’ve come recommended from people and my resume looks good but if it was your company would you just let this newbie handle vital decisions? No, no you wouldn’t. You would want a trial run.

Many starting positions and internships should be looked at with this point of view. You’re there to work, prove yourself and learn. LEARN. Don’t forget that. You just got out of college. I find that those 4 years are only so you can stay afloat. I’m not saying that because I don’t think I got a good education, but how could they possibly teach me all the little details that come around every single corner. If they did we’d all be in school forever!

Remember when you take a position as an intern or accept your first position to keep a positive attitude and a smile on your face. I’m a very cheesy person. I like puns and cheesy sayings. I like them mostly because they’re fun and they’re true. A smile make you seem more approachable. Staying positive helps you keep the goal at the forefront of your mind. Take the time to do things right. Show you want to be there. Talk to people, get to know them, learn from them. These people are probably not going anywhere for awhile. They could be your co-workers or possibly future employers. It will serve you good to suck it up and make a good impression.


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