Money – Always the Biggest Challenge

Money, the evildoer. It holds people back and drives people to do crazy things. Starting out on your own and separating yourself financially from your parents is always stressful. Money seems to be the number one terror that leaves too much room for questions and worries.

Starting out you might not get that full time job. Maybe you did get a full time job but you’re only contracted for 3 months. Then who knows? The answer is no one knows. But there’s only one thing to do… adjust. You may not be able to predict your future but you can adjust to what comes.


Budgeting is a must for making adjustments. Budgeting can help you clearly see how much money you make and how much you spend. Its as simple as that. Once you figure that out you can see where cut backs can be made or if you need to make more money.

Find a format that’s easy for you to use and update often. You can set up a simple format on Excel or use a fancy program if you have access to one.

I use Word. Since at least Word 2010 there have been a bunch of different format options. I use one of their simple budget formats. It separates the money you spend into different categories. This is extremely helpful to see where all your money goes and why. I can also enter the expected amounts and then update the actual amounts through out the month. I like this feature because I can see how much I’m likely to spend and make in a month, then compare it to my actual pay checks and receipts.

Side Jobs

Side jobs are a great way to get that extra cash. Remember we don’t want to be miserable so make sure you think you can handle the requirements.

Think of something you like to do in your spare time or somewhere you like to go. For me I know I wouldn’t be able to handle the stress of retail and cash registers kind of scare me so I staid away from where I go. I used what I like for mm side jobs; animals and children. In the morning before work I walk dogs and on weekends I babysit. Neither of them are too far out of my way or take up time I’m not willing to spare. The other great thing is that it can be flexible to my schedule. If I have longer hours at work one week I don’t schedule babysitting jobs that week.

Are you a people person? Being a bartender or working a job that makes tips might be a great option for you. Even getting a part time job only on the weekends or just a couple days a week can go a long way. You might even be able to use it on your resume if the job applies to your field.

What are some side jobs you’ve found helpful?


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